We offer standard transports for structural components up to a width of 3.00 m and a length up to 15.60 m. Special transports can be arranged, but they depend on the place of delivery and the distance involved. For special transports an authorization is required, and it may be the case that a police escort and permission is required, too – but this depends on the dimension of the cargo.


Whereas small components can be wrapped in foil automatically for transport, the packing for huge structural elements has to be applied by hand. Of course we are ready to provide the shrink wrapping of big structural elements as a special service. The huge structural components (e.g. girders, cross laminated timer) will then be shrink-wrapped in foil, which will serve as a protective cover for the structural elements during transport. In addition, we also offer end-to-end packaging solutions.


Our structural components are always shipped in a horizontal position, however, upon request it’s also possible to ship the structural elements in a standing position, if the truck is fully loaded. In that case, the loading sequence follows the assembly sequence.