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When compared to other building materials, Laminated Timber has several key advantages to offer. First of all, the inherent material properties of Laminated Timber are excellent. The transport of Laminated Timber can be organised very cost-effectively because wood is a light-weighted material. Further to that, wood is a natural product that grows again and it is an environmentally sound alternative to use Laminated Timber as the building material of choice.

Massive cross-laminated timber (X-Lam) elements for roof-, ceiling- and wall-components are the excellent building material for the construction of industrial- and commercial buildings, for residential- and for community buildings.

Supporting systems: Our delivery programme for glulam girders includes gabled-roof beams, fish-bellied beams, arched beams, three-hinged frame systems, multiple span beams, trussed girders, columns and special construction components.

Express programme: When everything must be done quickly, our express programme for straight laminated timber is the ideal choice: We are ready to supply all kinds of cross-sections up to a height of 1 m and a length of 18 m just in time and deliverd free construction site. Upon request, we also offer CNC-processing and ready-to-mount constructions.

Laminated timber panels as glulam ceiling elements are massive and extensive structural components of glued boards joined in a parallel and upright position. They are used as supporting or not-supporting exterior- and interior walls, and for ceilings and roofs.

An all-round concept: Glulam round columns are an architectural eye catcher with an excellent load carrying capacity.

economical and sophisticated in terms of structural engineering : Timber-concrete Composite Constructions.