Laminated Timber Panels

Glulam ceiling elements with double groove laminated timber panels are massive and extensive structural members of glued boards fitted in a parallel and upright position. They are used as supporting or not-supporting exterior- and interior walls, and for ceilings and roofs.

Your advantages when using laminated timber panels:

  • Comfortable indoor climate thanks to the moisture regulating material properties of timber
  • Excellent heat- and fire resistance performance is possible even without paint finish or additional provisions
  • As a light weight product laminated timber panels are especially cost-effective with regard to transport and assembly
  • Laminated timber panels can be applied in directly visible areas without additional smoothing or plastering work
  • Due to the limited height of the structural components, laminated timber panels have a high transport volume
  • Loadable right after construction
  • Finishing work can be realised immediately
  • Subsequent wall openings or recesses are no problem
  • High degree of pre-fabrication: The processing is effected in the production plant regardless of the weather conditions, short construction period
  • Each floor plan and each kind of building design can be realised
  • Laminated timber panels are the ideal building material for traditional solid constructions, timber frame constructions and timber skeleton constructions