Cross Laminated Timber (X-LAM) Solid Timber Panels

High material quality combined in one product:
X-LAM as a solid cross laminated panel can easily substitute brick, block, concrete and timber frame systems. The areas of application are:
Large solid panels form walls, roofs, floors and even lift shafts and stairs. They can be used as bracing and load bearing elements internally and externally (protected against weather) in residential, community and industrial buildings.

X-LAM panels have three, five, seven or more uneven layers right-angled stacked on each other in which the surface area of the panels is glued together in a press. The advantages for architects and designers are obvious. Due to its layer structure individual top layers could be used if needed and an excellent structural performance can be achieved, even with a high acoustic and thermal characteristics. Except the maximum size restrictions there is no grid to be considered. It is easy to realise constructional systems with small components height and a low dead load. This means to achieve high flexibility at the least possible costs.

The timber comes from sustainable forestry in Europe. Compared to other solid building systems the using of primary energy for the production of X-LAM is very low. This is why the use of X-LAM timber panels helps to reduce CO2-emissions considerably and thus decreases the greenhouse effect for future generations.

The advantages of the DERIX manufacturing principle