Derix X-LAM Designer for Cross Laminated Timber

Our free of charge dimensioning software for cross laminated timber is the ideal tool which helps you to realise your cross-laminated timber projects. This software makes it easy to conduct preliminary structural calculations of all cross-laminated timber elements manufactured by Derix/Poppensieker Derix, and of course the dimensioning complies with the norms and standards for timber constructions. The programme is based on and fulfils the requirements of the European Technical Approval ETA-11/0189 including the Eurocode-Programme with the national annexes for Germany and Austria.
As soon as you have filled out the registration form mentioned below, you will get the e-mail access to our software immediately. Please note that the installation of JAVA SE Runtime Environment (JRE 6) is required in order to use this software. For any further details please refer to our X-LAM Designer Manual for Derix Cross-Laminated Timber.

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