Wood as Material

Wood has been used as a building material for centuries. The first significant use of Laminated Timber as a building material, however, has been noted at the end of the 19th century. At that time, Otto Hetzer, famous carpenter from Weimar and a pioneer in the industry, developed further advanced techniques for the industrial fabrication of Laminated Timber

Laminated Timber can be manufactured to an almost limitless variety of straight and curved configurations. Whereas Laminated Timber in straight shapes is widely used as a structural material for rafters and roof racks with a span length of 50 m, curved structural members can span distances up to 150 m. The lightweight-product Laminated Timber is the building material of choice for extensive span lengths. Many arch forms are possible because the trusses can be adjusted to the slope easily and twisted structural members can be used for sophisticated formwork. Laminated Timber as a structural product is often used where the structure of a building is exposed as an architectural feature.

The smooth surface avoids defective deposits and the resistance to chemical aggressive climates enhances the range of application of the product, too. The use of pre-fabricated structural members of timber guarantees a fast construction period. Supporting structures of Glulam can be installed with all common roof-covering systems and are also easily connected with existing buildings or crafts.